Healthy Food

By moving the most nutrient-rich soil to key planting areas on site, we utilize naturally-occurring organisms, such as microbes, bacteria, and fungi, to break down contaminants and restore the land so that plants can grow safely and healthily. Enjoy the edibles growing along the trail and in the art gardens, understand the basics of how to maintain these plantings in your own garden, and look out for the local pollinators our plants depend on for reproduction. Join us in becoming a part of the food cycle as we garden, eat and compost together.

Civic Art

The artwork, created by Fallen Fruit, uses plantings of fruit trees, gleanings from California history, and materials provided by neighbors and park visitors as elements for making the installation artwork at Stoneview Nature center. These series of artworks naturally invoke and celebrate all of the senses: smell, taste, touch, sight and sound.

The way that park visitors use the public spaces and share their experiences of relaxing and enjoying themselves is considered part of the artwork.

Fallen Fruit is an art collaboration originally conceived in 2004 by David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young. Since 2013, David and Austin have continued the collaborative work.

Healthy, Mind, Body & Community

Fitness is integral to a healthy body, but moments for individual contemplation as well as communal gathering and social activity are equally important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Walk the 1/4 mile loop around the site that starts at the Stoneview Nature Trailhead, try out the parcourse equiment located along the inner trail, and explore areas on site such as the Yoga Deck, Stoneview Overlook and Observation Deck, where you can slow down and connect the mind, body and spirit to the landscape.

Healthy Watershed & Environment

We seek to restore a healthy habitat in this area and effect positive change in the environment locally and globally. Explore the native plantings throughout the site that help to restore displaced flora and fauna, understand how our bioswales have been designed to manage and filter rainwater run-off, and learn about how the soil is being remediated to allow food to grow.